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Clay piece after being removed from the mold It begins with an order. The liquid clay called slip is poured into a Plaster of Paris mold. The slip stays in the mold for the desired time. When it is ready, the mold is pulled apart and the clay piece is removed and made ready for drying on the shelf.

The piece is cleaned and made ready for the kiln

Next, the piece is cleaned and placed in the kiln to be fired. The kiln runs for 12 hours and brings the temperature up to 2000 degrees. The piece is now called bisque. After cooling, it is removed from the kiln.

The bisque is painted.

The bisque is painted with a special "underglaze paint". Then, the details are painted on the piece.

The gift is personalized

Finished gift
Then, the piece is dipped in a special glaze. It is placed back in the kiln and fired to 1800 degrees. After the kiln is cooled, the finished piece is removed, boxed, and sent on to its final destination.

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